Our experience in filing personal tax returns runs the full gamut from the preparation and filing of Form 1040 and foreign assets reporting to the preparation and filing of Form 1040NR using the US-India Tax Treaty. Our niche, however, is providing services for individuals who have a foot in both the countries- the U.S. and India. We step in with our years of experience and expertise when the tax laws of the two great nations of India and the U.S. intersect.  For a detailed list of services that our associate firm in the U.S. provides, please visit: www.sevaltd.com.

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U.S. Citizens and green card  our associated firm in the US helps file all

In the eyes of the IRS, a Green Card Holder is the same as a U.S. Citizen.

You are considered a tax resident of the United States until you have given notice to the IRS. So even if your green card has expired, you continue to be a resident of the United States. Despite being a citizen and resident of India,